Artificial disc replacement

Artificial Disc Replacement

Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) or Total Disc Replacement (TDR) is performed to treat chronic, severe lower back pain and cervical pain. This is caused by degenerative changes of the spinal disc. It is replaced with an artificial disc in the lumbar or cervical spine. The procedure is one type of Arthroplasty.

The FDA approved the use of an artificial disc made by Charite, to replace a degenerated spinal disc as a treatment option for chronic back pain in 2004 in the USA. However, the artificial disc surgery is been performed in Europe for many years. The PRODISC-L got approval from FDA in 2006.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

  • It is analternative to spinal fusion surgery for relieving back pain without restricting the movement of the whole spine and premature breakdown of adjacent vertebrae.
  • Different clinical studies have shown that compare to spinal fusion, patients aresatisfied with the ADR results.
  • The ADR is contraindicated for patients suffering from osteoporosis, joint diseases, and infection with an allergy to stainless steel.