What we Offer

Medical Services

When A Patient Puts Their Trust In A Company, It Is Natural For Them To Want The Best Services And Treatments. As A Medical Tourism Facilitator, Medicus Abroad Offers You A Wide Range Of Services That Will Help You During Your Stay In India. Right From The Minute, You Give Us The Green Signal, Your Manager / Advisor Will Get To Work And Take Care Of All Your Needs. Some Of The Various Services That We Offer Include.

Visa Services

Medicus will help you get your visa to India within no time. We will take care of all the necessary formalities and requirements so that you can travel to the country easily. We will handle even the paperwork that is needed to avail your visa.

Personalized Services

We at Medicus do not offer fixed services. Instead, we focus more on customizing the services accordingly to the individual needs. This helps our clients to enjoy their Indian trip in every way. Our support team will ensure that they will personalize your visit keeping your needs in mind.

Plan Indian Holiday

From choosing the right accommodation based on your needs, to making the necessary arrangements for your travel. Medicus will plan your entire trip in the most effective manner. Even post your treatment, if you wish to travel within the country for a holiday, we will make sure that you will get all the care that you need.

Translator Services

If you are not a native English speaker, you do not have let that stop you from getting the best care for your health. We will provide you with a translator when you are in India who will be with you at all times. This way, you can be stress free from the constant worry about how you will communicate your point across.

Quotations and Estimates

In order for you to understand how much your treatment will cost you, we will provide you with a transparent and comprehendive quotation. this will include all the necessary fees, charges and other such important points that you need to know about. In case of any change in the pricing and/or addition of any service or facility, we will inform you first and take your approval before charging you.

Documentation and Transfer

In order for you to get the right treatment or services, the expert/specialist/doctor in India would require certain documents. Medicus will transfer all the necessary documentation, health care records and test reports properly and accurately. Even when you go back home, you will have access to all the necessary details pertaining to the treatment you had in India.

Variety of medical treatments

Every life has the right to get the best medical treatment or service. One should never make any compromises when it comes to his/her health. We are associated with healthcare providers and specialists who cater to various medical treatments and offer a wide range of facilities and services.